Sunday, 25 March 2012

The "Down Times"

March 25 2012,

It's crazy how time can shift so easily,
1 month ago, I was preparing for my fight, and time seemed as slow
as it did when I was 5.

Now, with no huge goal to work towards, time has passed faster than
I would like it to around here.

Let's go back 24 days....

The few days after the fight, I simply languished in the amazing embrace
of a week of earned laziness.  After spending 6 hours a day for a month
training, a week was needed to recoup myself back to sanity.  The day after a fight,
everything seems just 'that' much more enjoyable, the sun shines more, the grapes
are sweeter, and the couch seems to be made of silk.

I thought immediately my body would reverse into a more lazy state, but luckily,
constant fitness seems particularly easy.
Going for a run everyday seemed like eating ice cream compared to gym training,
so it's been quite enjoyable.

The one downside of my fight was the sports injury in my chest, which meant
no intense exercise or swimming for a few days...

I know you probably didn't come to this blog
to read about what I eat for breakfast in Christchurch, you want to hear meaningful
encounters, and what's going on in my life.

In a city like Christchurch, its easy to simply float along, without something huge
to challenge yourself, especially when your surrounded by students who are in
party mode.

For a while, it's great fun to try and fit in to the old college social circle,
especially when you go to cool things like the "Wild Foods Festival" in Hokitika.
It was a blast to go to a small town on the West Coast of New Zealand, where hundreds
of people were gathered together for a single purpose...dress crazy, drink copious amounts of alcohol,
and try insane food such as huhu grubs, sheep's balls (mountain oysters), horse semen shots (didn't try that one), and more benign foods such as huhu grubs, kangaroo, and alligator.  Great way to spend a weekend :)
Me, Enzro and Pedobear
Again with Pedobear, and also Yan

However...all the fun distractions and parties wear down after a while.  I'm not in college any more, and the lifestyle of going out every weekend to party and drink seems like a step backwards for me.   That being said, I did accomplish some good things this month such as editing some episodes of One Month No Regrets, and my music video:

After a week or two of doing close to nothing, I felt sick with myself, till I finally said "ENOUGH!".

I picked up all the Tony Robbins seminars I could muster, listened to them all, and drove off to Reefton
by myself for a few days to camp, and come up with a new direction for my life.


It's amazing how much a few days by yourself can put things in perspective.  I read an entire book, I organised my priorities, and I felt an energy to overcome my doubts and push through with my dreams.

That being said, the challenge now, is to focus myself, and overcome any distractions which comes my way.  My good friend Rich Turner just got back from Pinewood Studios, and we've been running and swimming every morning, which feels great.

My next big adventure takes me to the North Island, to learn about something called "Permaculture".  I'll be spending about 2 weeks volunteering at the Austral-Asian Permaculture Convergence.  I don't know what I'm about to find there, but I guarantee there will be alot of dreadlocks and mentions of peak oil.  That being said...Geoff Lawton is my hero.

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