Friday, 3 August 2012

Off to Malaysia and the...THE ORANGUTANS

So I'm sitting in an airport in Sydney at the moment.

For those of you who may not know, it's in Australia, a small island known as "New Zealand's Evil Twin".

I've got a few hours here to kill, so I hope by typing I can stove off some jetlag.  So in just a few hours time, I'll be off to Malaysia off to my great adventure amongst Orangutans.  They'll be REAL apes, unlike the ones in the last Indiana Jones movie...
A Wonderful Film

So I'm a bit nervous, as I've never been to a non-English speaking country besides Germany.  But that doesn't really count.  I'll have to navigate markets of people trying to sell me parrots and endangered species, but I reckon I'll survive.

To prepare for the Orangutan Rescue center, I'm reading up on some good ol' Orangutan Psychology.  Hope I'll pass what they call "the bite test".

So....Off I go, I'll be giving more updates soon!

I too have stared at a pumpkin in such a manner.

Orangutan Release Video:
Orangutans Released into the Wild

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